ROAL ENGLISH, Canadian Coastal Sea COAST, Canada Seascape VINTAGE OIL PAINTING

LISTEDARTIST fine art collection. +++ Vintage Paintings and Fine Art +++ +++ California and American Fine Art +++. ARTIST: Roal English (mid 20th Century) (Canadian Seascape Artist / Canada Coastal Painter). MEDIUM: oil on canvas. CONDITION: a puncture can be seen in the lower left section of the painting (please see photo). There is also […]

Margaret Keane Original Oil Keane’s Garden 1971

Rare 1971 12×16 Original Oil Keanes Garden. By famous artist Margaret Keane (current age 90) and the subject of the hit Hollywood movie Big Eyes. Starring the actress Amy Adams as Margaret Keane and the Austrian/German actor Christoph Waltz as Walter Keane. The film was made by famous director Tim Burton. Pop artist Andy Warhol […]