Antique Oil Painting On Canvas’ John Linnell’ 1792-1882. Original Painting

ANTIQUE OIL ON CANVAS. John Linnell June 16 1792-January 20 1882English Landscape Painter. Linnell was a naturalist, romantic and a rival to John Constable. Painted Northern European art of the Renaissance Period. John Linnell Senior was a landscape and portrait painter. As a young man he became a pupil of John Varley; his fellow students […]

Crack Head Good Evil Original Painting Jesus Satan Cubist Art Anthony R Falbo

One Of Today’s Hottest International Contemporary Artist. Beautiful Original Oil Painting By Internationally American Artist Anthony Falbo. Size: 24 “x 30 “. Medium :Oils on Stretched Canvas. ” Crack Head ” is an authentic oil painting by Anthony Falbo, not a copy, authorized for sale by Anthony Falbo Productions. Nthony Falbos art has a very […]