19th Century Nude Woman Pastoral Lillian Genth Oil Painting (AMERICAN)

19th Century Oil Painting of Nude Woman “Pastoral”. Medium: oil on canvas. Canvas size: 49″ x 36″ (please inquire for frame size). Painted in 1910 (with writing also on tag verso). Subject is a beautiful nude playing the flute in Genth’s most popular whimsicality. Condition: In very good condition. Canvas may need a slight cleaning […]

19th Cen. Winter Landscape Painting style of John Henry Twachtman (AMERICAN)

Century Oil Painting style of John Henry Twachtman. Medium: oil on canvas Size: 28″ x 36″. Frame size: 32.25″ x 40″. Subject: A winter landscape composition done in the style of John Henry Twachtman. With beautiful gold-leaf, wood-carved handmade frame. There is no certification for this painting to be authentic but the quality and age […]

19th Century Barbizon School Signed Oil Painting Landscape in the style of Corot

Century Barbizon School Oil Painting style of Corot. Medium: oil on canvas. 18″ x 25.5″. Subject: Unframed oil painting which looks to be in the style of Corot from the Barbizon School period. Extremely well executed with fine technique and brushwork. Signed lower right with indecipherable signature and with what looks like a monogram symbol […]

19th C. French Oil Landscape Painting with attr. To Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

Century Landscape attributed to Jean Baptiste Camille Corot. Medium: oil on canvas. Size: 27 5/8″ x 39 1/4″. Frame size: 36 3/8″ x 48″. Subject: Landscape with a sheep herder and sheep in a green meadow with water in the distance. A truly subtle beauty of high academic detailed excellence. There are more photos available […]

19th Century Framed Oil Painting Man with Cattle signed Anton Mauve (DUTCH)

19th Century Signed Oil Painting of Man with Cattle. Medium: oil on board. Size: 10″ x 8″. Frame size: 19 1/8″ x 17 1/8″. Subject: 19th century oil painting of a man walking a trail with his cattle. High academic quality and detail with beautiful museum quality, gold-leafed gilded frame. Signed with tag versos, writings, […]