Native American Ozz Franca Oil Canvas Navajo Madonna

By Ozz Franca – 1988. This is a beautiful Original Ozz Franca Oil on Canvas painting. Named “Navajo Madona”, this painting in the frame measures. 40″ x 40″ x 2. This piece comes from a collection prints and originals of Franca artwork that came from a lady who was friends with Ozz down in Palm […]

Native American Ozz Franca Oil Canvas Pink Navajo Woman

Original Oil Painting by Ozz Franca – 1989. This is a beautiful original Ozz Franca oil on canvas painting, titled. This painting in the frame measures approx. The picture is 35″ by 46-3/4″. Wonderful warm colors and attention to detail… This original painting is stunning! This original oil painting is from a collection of Ozz […]